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Mohammad Rabiei
  • Education
  • B.Sc, 1988, Industrial Management, Imam Hussein University
  • M.Sc, 1992, Strategic Management, University of Science and Technology
  • Ph.D., 2003, Strategic Management, Stanford University
  • Course titles taught
  • Fundamentals of Organization and Management, B.Sc.
  • Organizational Behavior Management, B.Sc.
  • Human Resource Management, B.Sc.
  • Industrial Relations, BS
  • Systems Analysis and Design Techniques, BS
  • Information Systems in Management, B.Sc.
  • Studying Personnel Issues in Industry, MSc
  • Advanced Management Theories, MSc
  • Advanced Management Information Systems, MSc
  • Industrial Strategic Management, MSc
  • Advanced Organizational Behavior Management, MSc
  • Application of Decision Theory to Management, MSc

  • Operating activities
  • Head of University of Qazvin, Khorram Dareh and Rafsanjan
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of Ghazali Institute of Higher Education in Qazvin
  • Founding Member and Representative of the Minister of Science, Research and Technology of Rasam Institute of Higher Education So far
  • Special Inspector of the Minister of Labor, Co-operative and Social Welfare from 2012 to 1977
  • Articles published in international journals
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  • Articles published in domestic journals
  • Rabiei, Muhammad. "Investigating the intra-organizational barriers to marketing of Iranian sports institutes." Movement 1, 36: 150-129: (1111)
  • Rabiei, Mohammad, Nikokar, Hassan. "Market Orientation and Business Performance in Iran." Business Management 1, 1 54-39: (1111)
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  • International Conferences
  • rabiee,mohamad. "Balancing the rights of both customers and noncustomers." Third International Marketing Management Conference, Tehran, January 22-23,2012
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