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Ahmad Ali Farzin

  • Education
Doctor of Architecture, Beaux-Arts Buzar(1974-1981)
  • Work experience and executive activities
  • Educational Assistant, Faculty of Architecture, Campus of Fine Arts, 2015-2015)
  • Educational Assistant, Faculty of Architecture, Campus of Fine Arts (2015)
  • Activities in the field of study and design of architecture and development of sacred monuments and places of worship and pilgrimage of the country (since2005)
Scientific activities
  • Articles
Masoud Asl, Behzad; Farzin, Ahmad Ali; Javadi, Shohreh-Barati, Nasser (1977). Architectural Foundations of Tombs in Iran. Garden View, 64 (14-14)
Farzin, Ahmad Ali; Masoudi Asl, Behzad; Barati, Nasser, 2017) Popularity in Martyrs' Memories: Evaluating the Social Success of the Project
Martyrs Foundation. Perspective, 34 (34: 118).
Khalili Akram، Nayyeri Syamak، Tajuddin Mohamad، Rasdi Mohamad، Farzin Ahmad Ali، Mansouri Seyed Amir (2015).Conduciveness of Women Social Setting in Traditional Iranian Bazaar from Functional Dimension. ، Asian Social Science، 11(12):297-306.
 Farzin, Ahmad Ali; Khalili, Akram (2014).Women Communal Life Withim Iranian Traditional Bazaar from the aspect of Safety (Case Study: Traditional Bazaar of Isfahan. Advances in Natural and Applied Science, 8(9): 94-100.
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2015). Persian Garden Based on Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. Perspective, 27 (27: 8) -13.
Noori Segherlou, Elahe; Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2014). Comparative study of urban public spaces based on the need of disable with universal design approach (Case study: District 6 of Tehran Municipality). Applied mathematics in engineering management and technology, 1(1): 201- 213.
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2013). Iran and Iranian Perspective. Perspective, 25 (25: 31).
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2013). Perspectives, 23 (23): 48-49.
Makesh, Farnoush; Javadi, Shohreh; Farzin, Ahmad Ali) (1392) Mazar Pirmard - Cultural-religious perspective of Baneh city. Comment Garden, 9 (24 :)27-38
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2013) How to bring nature into the city? Structural or per capita?. Perspective, 22 (22: 33).
Mansouri, Seyed Amir; Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2012). Landscape Approach in Urban Space Design. Garden view.
Mansouri, Seyed Amir-Farzin, Ahmad Ali-Soltani, Mehrdad (2012). Matching the role of experience-based models and concepts. The Garden, 9 (21: 3) 12
Farzin, Ahmad Ali; Rashad, Allah (2011) Study on the replacement of medicinal plants in urban green spaces and their use in Iranian gardens.
Farzin, Ahmad Ali; Farhand, Sara (2011). Anzali Wetland Natural Ecosystem with Sustainable Tourism Approach. Perspective, 1.
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2010) Reflects on the Role of Pilgrimages in Landscape Construction of Iran. Perspective, 1 (11: 1).
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2010) How far does the shrine go? Perspective, 9.
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2010). Pedestrian on the Iron Drag Route Investigating Policies Governing the Design of the Brassi-Paris Railway.
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2009) Secrets of dome Stability. Perspective, 10.
Farzin, Ahmad Ali; Zamani, Zahra (2008) Study of the Importance and Role of Schoolyard Landscape in Child Learning. Green, 6 (1: 5).
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2008). Janospar in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. Journal of Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran, 186: 97-112.
Farzin Ahmad Ali (2006) Roundtable songwriters and songwriters. Journal of Faculty of Literature & Humanities, University of Tehran, 57 (4:) 113-131

  • Conferences
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (1395) The Position of Landscape in Persian Culture and Literature. Second National Conference on Landscape Architecture, April 19-20,Tehran Iran.
Farzin, Ahmad Ali (2009) Texture Renovation in the Light of Urban Landscape. National Conference on Urban Landscape, August 9-9, Tehran, Iran.
  • Books
Mansouri, Seyed Amir; Farzin, Ahmad Ali; Jamshidian, Mohammad) 2016) Landscape Approach in Urban Design, Methodology of Urban Design
  • Theses and dissertations

International Music Research Center of Design. Ali Asghar Elihari Fard, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Masters senior 04/03/2019
Child-friendly urban landscape design. Jial Rajabi, Ahmad Ali Farzin,
M.Sc. 28/11/2012

Re-design of Tehran's pavement route with the aim of providing a framework for recording individual and collective memories. Farzan Haji Rezaei, Ahmad AliFarzin. Ma, 30/11/2019
Design of Zahir al-Dawlah Historical Aramestan based on cultural uses. Parand Farhadi, Ahmad Ali Farzin, M.Sc., 96/11/30
Architecture as Scene Design) Design of College of Performing Arts College of Fine Arts with Flexible Architecture Approach.Tavakoli, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 30/11/2018
Urban Landscape Design of the Tabriz Bridge (Mehran Rood) with the Healing Ecology Approach. Amin Khan Mohammadi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 30/11/2018.
Landscape Design of Imamzadeh Mohsen Shahr Basin of Hamadan. Reyhaneh Khoram Royi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 28/6/2018
Hilton Hotel Tehran. Saba Akbarzadeh Ghorbani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 13/04/2018
Landscape Approach to the Role of Creating a Natural Historical Center in Ardebil, Focusing on the Friday Neighborhood of Ardebil Mosque.Niaraq, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MS, 11/04/2018
Ahmad Ali Farzin, wise Muhammad Saleh. Kish Word Trade Center with introduction of Iranian identity and culture. Ma, 26/11/2017
Design of a two-resort resort with a leisure approach. Asie Yavari, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 26/11/2017
Organizing Landscapeof Bagh-Feyzneigborhoodwith the approach of Pilgrimage Landscape Case
 Farzin Ahmad Ali, Nozari Behnaz. Study: The holly shrine of “Imamzadeh Jafar and HamidehKhatoun M.Sc. 26/11/2017
Design of Cultural Complex of Tehran District 22) with Sustainable Architecture Approach (. Sara Moiri, Ahmad Ali Farzin, M.Sc., 17/06/2015.
Designing a Kindergarten Kindergarten with a Behavioral Sciences Approach. Mahsa Khadem Al Ali, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 15/6/2015.
University of Tehran Fine Arts Campus Development Plan. Elmira Naderi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 15/06/2015.
Landscape design in Latyan Dam with natural landscape valuation approach and emphasis 95 / 04/27,
M.Sc. Farzin Ahmad Ali, Noah Jahedi Liyal. on eco-tourism and tourism organizing
Residential complex with sustainable architecture approach. Tahmours Abdizadeh, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 13/04/2017
, Elias promises. Residential complex in hot and humid climate based on local materials Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 03/04/2017
Companionship of the city and nature to recreate the sustainable landscape of the Darabad region. Mohammad Mehdi Jalil, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Masters, 17/03/2017
Designing and organizing the urban landscape "Valiasr intersection" Tehran with social sustainability approach. Sernaz Afshar, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Masters 12/10/2016,
Organizing Urban Yazd Basin with Urban Landscape Approach. Zahra Sadat Hosseini Nasab, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 09/12/2016
Restoration of abandoned aramadan inside Tehran. Hamideh Abroghavi Fard, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 09/12/2016
Residential design from shaping ideas to reaching form. Mohammad Jiroudi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc. 28/04/2016
Design of residential complex with sustainable architecture approach. Mehdi Ghadiri Sadr Abadi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 27/11/2016.
 Farzin Ahmad Ali, Talei Sanaz. Architectural Design of The Residential Complex as an Apartment Garden 27/11/2016,
Designing a cultural center in Tehran's 22nd district with a sustainable architecture approach. Bahman Ghorbani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 26/06/2016.
Confrontation of Objectivity and Mentality in the City: Urban Outdoor Design in the Historic Mallier Center. Reza Collivand, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Master of Science
Landscape design of Tehran flower market. Reyhaneh Mottafi Esfidavajani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MS, 10/12/2015
A botanical garden with an educational and research approach. Tanaz Aghakani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 30/06/2018.
Disabled cultural-sport complex with an inclusive design approach. Elahe Nouri Sagarloo, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 25/03/2015
Urban Landscape Continuity: Designing a Urban Landscape in Tehran's Si Tire Street with a Sustainable Approach.
Pedestrian landscape design with Babolsar River megaform approach (Babelroud River). Kia Tadin, Ahmad Ali Farzin M.Sc., 30/11/2012.
Voice of Life: Multifunctional outdoor design with special attention to the presence of the blind. Samira Mouhchian, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Master of Science in Masters
Reclaiming the Hidden Landscape of Tehran River Valley Case Study: Maghsoud Big River Valley. Prichehr Goodarzi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MS, 21/11/2012
The Impact of Spatial Attachment and Collective Memory on the Quality of Urban Public Spaces Recreational Perspective of Abol Fazl Khoyini's Ex-Electricity (Qazvin City. Narges Gheim Amani, Ahmad Ali Farzin, MSc.
Redesigning the Landscape of Tehran's Arara Neighborhood with a Child-Friendly Urban Landscape Approach. Farzaneh Haji Qasemi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Master's Degree, 9/11/19,
Meaning, pattern and utility in the architectural space. Mehrdad Soltani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ph.D., 23/12/2013
Designing the Historical Landscape of Bushehrar Ardana Beach, Ahmad Ali Farzin M.Sc, 2012/02/18
Tehran City Park Adaptation) Tehran City Park Adaptation with an interactive approach between healthy and disabled people. Sara Radaie, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma,25/11/2013.
Tehran Healing Garden. Danial Sediqi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 25/11/2013.
Recreational landscape of central coast of Anzali port with post-industrial approach. Samaneh Rahmadl, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 24/11/2013.
Urban landscape design of Tehran revolutionary street. Ramin Zia Shakeri, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 24/11/2013
Landscape design of Pirmard Baneh complex with a cultural landscape revival approach. Farnoush Makhlis, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 15/11/2013.
Landscape Interface Design at the Entrance Complex of Hazrat Reza (AS) in Mashhad. Atefeh Sariri, Ahmad Ali Farzin M.Sc.
Street Landscape Landscape Design Part of the Bidgol District on the shared axis of Aran and Bidgol with a social approach. Maryam Ramezani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma,03/04/2013
Revitalizing Urban Identity - Designing a Historic Transition Urban Landscape) Babylon Market (Javad Gholi Pourmalkshah, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MSc, 2013/04/03
Baharestan Square Landscape Design. Narges Aghabzarg, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma,30/11/2012.
Garden of the Museum of Conceptual Arts. Shial Ghodsi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. BA,29/11/2012.
Healing garden design in Tabriz. Allah Rashad, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MS, 15/08/90.
Landscape architecture of Tehran Dushanbe Airport. Arash Ghafari Miyab, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 26/06/2012.
Rebuilding the Hidden Landscape of the Inner City Green Corridors) Designing the Landscape and Organizing the Moselle-Cal - Inner City Landscape of Khayyam Boulevard of Mashhad (Dina Zarif Aziban, Ahmad Ali Farzin, MSc, 26/06/2012.
Anzali Wetlands Virtual Landscape. Sarah Benedict, Ahmad Ali Farzin.
Ma, 26/06/2012

Youth Cultural Center in West Tehran. Farhad Firouzmand, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ba,31/06/2011.
Tourism Village of Torq) with an Approach to Preserving the Objective and Mental Elements of the Village (. Zeinab Khaleghi Tarighi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MA, 2011/11/30
Rural Landscape of Qalat Village with Tourism and Sustainable Development Approach. Shahrzad Khademi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MS, 2011/11/30
Design of Shemirani Promenade by Imamzadeh Qasim. Kianoush Hassani, Ahmad Ali Farzin, MSc, 20/09/2011.
Organizing the Landscape of Tehran's Open Space with a Social Sustainability Approach) Designing the Park Allah Culture and Art (Mina Masoud Lavasani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MSc, 29/08/2011.
Rehabilitation center. Hamid Reza Shirazion, Ahmad Ali Farzincology, 31/06/2011.
Recreating the Rural Landscape of Deh Jamaran, Tehran. Samaneh Yarahmadi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 30/06/2011.
Design and arrangement of Tehran's roof. Abdollah Khairi Motlaq, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MS, 29/6/2011.
Niavaran Music Center. Seyed Vahid Ghodsi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ba, 04/15/2011.
Green Residential Complex. Mansour Mir Mohammad, Ahmad Ali Farzin.
Ba, 4/4/2011.

Abbas Abad Cultural Complex. Seyed Mohsen Nik Sarsasht, Ahmad Ali Farzin. BS,25/11/2010.
Cultural center in Tuyserkan with a focus on design for teens. Hasna Ismail Beigi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ba, 2010/07/07
Anshan Tourism Village Design) with Sustainability Principles Approach (Hassam Dadkhah, Ahmad Ali Farzin, M.Sc., 30/06/2010
Improvement of Karaj River Margin. Golden Shell, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Masters,30/06/2010
Design of the tourism center of Deh Vanak. Farnoush Poursfavi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 28/06/2010.
Baby Garden. Neda Rouhnia, Ahmad Ali Farzin M.Sc., 30/04/2010.
Street Landscape Recognition) A Case Study of Gheytarieh Street (Amir Tahmasebi, Ahmad Ali Farzin, M.Sc., 30/11/2009.
Landscape Architecture Design of Yard of Martyrs Primary School in Tehran. Zahra Zamani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MS, 30/11/2009.
Mind room and pedestrian way in the world. Pouria Nikopordilmi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MA, 29/11/2009
Meeting Hall) Educational-Cultural-Recreational Center for Young People aged 18-25 (Ehsan Fayazi, Ahmad Ali Farzin, BS, 06/06/2009
North Sahara Basin (Alamagol Suburb Landscape Arrangement). Farnoush Changizi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. MS, 31/06/2009.
Vanak Commercial, Office, Recreational Complex. Ghazvini's Farrokh, Ahmad Ali Farzin. BS, 06/06/2009
Pardisan Park Museum and Wildlife Research Center. Sahar Motahhari, Ahmad Ali Farzin. BS, 31/6/2009.
Landscape architecture of armor makers garden and neighborhood behind Abbey mosque of Isfahan. The Holy Prophet of Dehnavi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 26/06/2009
Green Belief Rehabilitation Center. Allah Rashad, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ba, 04/25/2009
The Voice of Nature (Recreational, Touring, Blind Cultural Complex). Arghavan Sheibani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 12/12/2009
Organizing and restoring Tabriz's owner's field with the approach of recognizing the concept and function of the field. Masoumeh Lotfollahzadeh Hojrandoust, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Ma, 29/06/2008
Cartoon House. Behrouz Ghaffari, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2006.
Abidar Artistic Cultural Forum. Hassan Taghi Nejad, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2006.
Organization and Architecture of Hamadan Landscape Gallery. Lial Soltani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2006.
Designed by Miniature Gallery to revitalize an existing body. Fariba Mirmohammad Sadeghi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2006
Recognition, restoration plan, and revival of the historical fabric of the village of Qaih and the revival of Imamzadeh Abdul Wahed and the surrounding area. Hamid Mohammadnejad Kobra, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2006.
A justification for the school garden of the Chides neighborhood. Maryam Yazdanpanah, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2006.
Arrangement of Mirza Mahmoud Wazir (Tehran's Oudaljan neighborhood). Manizeh Hassan Beigi Manfred, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2006.
Art Garden. Ebrahim Danesh Monfared, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2006.
Fajr Film Festival Cinema Collection. Mehdi Saadati Khamseh, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2005.
Design of Faramarzieh Castle Residential Complex in Fardis Town of Karaj. Mehriyar Rostam Abadi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2005.
Kermanshah Feizabad Cultural Center. Bardia Nick Rahe, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc.2005.
Student Residence of Teacher Training University of Azerbaijan (Azarshahr). But Zinalzadeh, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2005.
Amol forest park and promenade. Hesam Omidi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2004.
Cultural and entertainment center of district 22 of Tehran municipality. Masoud Si Hard, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2004.
Tehran Music Center. Habib Ganji, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2004.
Kish Island Family Resort. Keyvan Khatir, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2003.
Khalkhal Cultural-Recreational Complex (for leisure time). Hamid Reza Malekpour, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2003.
Jahrom Downtown Recreational Complex. Mohammad Hadi Setavand, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2003.
Tourist complex of Taj Tajan Sari. Rajab Hashemi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2002.
Jahanshahr Youth Leisure and Entertainment Park of Karaj. Mohammed Momeni, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2002.
Organize the lands of the Geisha Forest Park as a special tourism area. Pouyan Haqqani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2002.
Design of Hegmataneh Museum Park Collection and Cultural Heritage Conference Halls. Amir Hassan Farbami, Ahmad Ali Farzin. Masters,2002.
Shiraz History Museum. Mohammad Reza Kojoian Jafari, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc.,2000.
Arrangement of the tomb of the Prophet (pbuh) in the city of Tuyserkan. Hamid Emami, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2000.
Tehran Qods Sports Complex. Hadi Ghaziani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2000.
Meysam Educational Center. Mohammad Reza Razaghi Modbar, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2000.
Esfahan Car Service Complex. Mohammad Hussein Habibollahi Najaf Abadi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 2000.
Talesh Recreational Cultural Complex. Majid Pordashti Azar, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc.,1999.
Khoy Faculty of Engineering. Ali Asghar Ismail Lu, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 1999.
Mountain Residence Complex in Mashhad. Farzad Farshid, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc.,1999.
West Tehran Youth Home. Jafar Jahani, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 1999.
Astan Development Plan of Imamzadeh Abdullah (AS) Shushtar. Reza Mousavi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 1998.
Qazvin Sports Complex. Mohammad Reza Kian, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 1997.
Maritime Museum of Bandar Shahid Rajaee (Bandar Abbas). Siavash Marashi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 1997.
Islamic Azad University of Zahedan, Faculty of Basic Sciences. Hossein Karimi, Ahmad Ali Farzin. M.Sc., 1997