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In the age of knowledge and modern technologies and in the process of unveiling mysteries of perfection and eternity, universities play a pivotal role in generating and imparting knowledge to all members of society. If a country seeks all-out development, it should develop and support its universities and educational institutes. Rasam Higher Education Institute was established to satisfy the enthusiasm of youths who intend to further education. Rasam Higher Education Institute developed rapidly with the help of its creative and competent management team.


Rasam Higher Education Institute is the first non-profit all women’s university in Alborz Province which started in August 2011 offering three Bachelor’s degree programs with 500 students. It developed both qualitatively and quantitatively with such a pace that currently it offers 34 Associate, Bachelor, and Postgraduate programs in engineering, humanities, art and architecture, and physical education. Putting a lot of efforts in materializing the educational and research goals was another factor that caused Rasam Higher Education Institute to embark on the establishment of 7 workshops, 4 computer sites, a well-equipped library, and an E-library equipped with hardware and software facilities. It merits mention that Rasam Higher Education Institute has one hectare of educational space under construction. Rasam Higher Education Institute currently among the best Iranian institutes of higher education.


Strategic Goals

  • Becoming a leading institute in Iran
  • Entering the new areas of science and technology and reifying the discourse of scientific collaboration
  • Laying cultural and ethical grounds for nurturing personal qualities as a prerequisite for the scientific development of Iran
  • Correcting and updating the program instructions , syllables, and curricula to meet the demands of society, and supervising the qualitative progress
  • Promoting qualitative and quantitative research and enhancing scientific publications
  • Fostering the culture of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation
  • Improvement in faculty members
  • Disseminating specialism and professionalism
  • Managing financial resource properly and effectively, and trying to reach new financial resource
  • Increasing and improving the workforce focusing on steady invigoration and growth
  • Expanding the range of graduate programs
  • Increasing scientific and research collaborations on national and international scales
  • Encouraging participation and increasing the satisfaction of students, professors, and staff
  • Improving physical facilities and environment


Dominant Values

  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Group activities based on order, commitment, and diligence
  • Student-centeredness
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Steady improvement
  • Recognizing and retaining the status of the human capital, and following Islamic teachings and code of conduct
  • Quality services in education and research
  • Entrepreneurship